Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Unexpected Blessings on the Road

A guest post today by Meg Rambo, who blogs over at On the Road with the Rambos:

People ask, "how can we bless a missionary on the road." 
We were blessed this week by some friends in an unexpected way. We had dinner with friends and shared some of our stories from our first term in Uganda. That was a blessing in itself. It was a joy to reflect back and remember all that God did in us and through us. The unexpected blessing came the next morning when I received the following voice-mail.

"Hey Meg. We were talking last night and realized that with all your travels you probably don't get to go on a date often. We have a hard time finding a babysitter and we live here. So could we watch your boys for you one night next week? Give me a call back and let me know when would be good for you."

The smile on my face was so big. Someone loves me! I KNOW lots of people who love me, but in that moment I FELT loved. You know what I mean? So I called her back and said, Yes Please! 

We got to go out for dinner, just the two of us! We got to walk around outside sipping on coffee without saying, "hold my hand please" or "please stop touching your brother." We got to have some real deep conversation about what Jesus was teaching us through some recent trials. We were blessed.
We returned to get the boys a few hours later and they were all fed and happy. They had a great time as well. Jesus was able to love on our family because some friends chose to love on us. We are grateful.  

Do you know any missionaries who are in the states right now?  What are some tangible ways you could be an unexpected blessing in their lives? Leave some ideas in the comments section!

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