Saturday, February 15, 2014

Memory Making in the Snow

While everyone on the East Coast is tired of snow... we are trying to make the best of it... knowing we won't play in the frozen white stuff for the next four years while we're in Uganda! We can sit inside longing for the lovely, tropical weather of Uganda- or we can enjoy the fun of the season.

Tonight Josh told the boys at dinner that they could go build a snow the dark!  What a treat!  Such a sweet memory not only with Daddy, but also with Uncle Mark.  Here are the boys and Uncle Mark defending their fort- waiting to ambush Grammy and Poppy.  

As we raise funds to get back to Uganda it is such a tricky thing to balance wanting to be there and savoring our time here.  I am so glad Josh was able to just dive in and make a really special memory with the boys. 

How are you making the best of these cold, snowy days?

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