Thursday, June 12, 2014


here.  where my two feet are.  it hasn't been an easy word for me.  as we travel the states raising funds for our life in Uganda, all i want is to be there. not here.  which, i suspect, is why He led me to this one word for 2014.

it has grounded me and given me a center to which I can keep returning. "stay here. don't rush ahead to Uganda."  this is my inner monologue most days.

and i've found that here is lovely.  here is the only place i can experience His presence.  here only becomes beautiful when i give thanks, and count the blessings found right where i am. and there becomes so alluring when i slip from gratitude to complaint.  it isn't always black and white in Scripture- but it can be implied in most passages.  and so i sit with verses like
"The Word became flesh and made His dwelling {here} among us." -John 1:14
"You shall give as the Lord your God blesses you... {here} at the place where the Lord your God chooses to make His name abide..." -Deut. 16:10-11 
where has He chosen to make His name abide?  here. in me.  i am the temple of the Holy Spirit.

there is so much more He has to work in me through this word.  now that we have a departure date (July 17!!!!), it's easier to stay here- knowing it's not forever.  but i don't want to miss anything He has for me here!

I'm linking up at the Grove- checking in on our One Word 365 today.


  1. living in the moment while preparing for the future
    not easy, but He makes it possible
    this will be our first transition
    surely not our last
    may your travels and return to Uganda be a time of blessing

  2. Oooh... "Here." You're the first one I've heard of with that word. Such a good one, especially for us living this kind of life. And it's an equally powerful word for whatever side of the sea you're on. I'll be so interested to hear what this word means to you the second half of your year. So glad to have you with us at The Grove!

  3. Reminds me of the quote of missionary Jim Elliot: Wherever you are be all there. Well, something like that. May God bless your work in Uganda. My husband and I live in South Africa and minister to the Shangaan people of Mozambique.


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