Thursday, June 19, 2014

TBT 2012: My Kitchen in Uganda

**repost from the archives: October 2012**

I'm linking up at Velvet Ashes today, on the topic of hospitality.  I chose this post from our 31 Days of Homemade Missions because I am really missing my kitchen in Uganda. We fly back to Uganda on July 17- I am looking forward to getting settled into our home there and start opening our doors to guests again! There are so many great posts in that series, please check it out if you're new here!

Yay for chalkboard contact paper labels!
Taking a little detour today, getting down to the nitty gritty of hospitality ... organization... I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it.

Ok, so I love organization the first day when it looks all pretty, and then I hate keeping up with it. 

My mom sent me chalkboard contact paper and a chalk marker this week!  Hooray!  It has me in an organizing frenzy.  This is when I LOVE organizing!   

But when your ministry is hospitality, you've got to be a bit organized.  And, bottom-line,  if it's pretty I will keep it nicer for longer.  An organized kitchen will make prep faster, it will allow guests to help themselves more easily, and you will get better help in the kitchen when people know where things are!  That's a win in my book.  
My baking station- everything within reach!

I am not an organizing expert.  But here is what's working for me this week.
  • Keep like items together.
  • Store items where you use them most.
  • Make it pretty and you will keep it pretty longer.
What works for you?  How do you keep things organized and sane for your ministry of hospitality?


  1. My kitchen needs a serious organization over-haul when we return after summer travels. I too go in mood swings, where it all has to be orderly, and then... well, it all falls apart. Thanks for the inspiration to put it back together. :) Here's a question for you... how and where do you keep all of your extra baking supplies (i.e. the flour and sugar that don't fit in the pretty containers?)

    1. Extra flour in big bins in the pantry! We have a terrible ant problem- so I don't keep extra sugar on hand- just buy as needed, so a huge batch doesn't get spoiled by critters!

  2. Found your blog on Velvet Ashes...and now I'm headed back to the kitchen to finish what I started a few days ago. HA! Actually, thanks...I always feel better after I get it all back in order.

    1. Glad I could help motivate you! It always feels good once it's done, right?


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