Friday, August 26, 2016


Hung to dry. This simple image captivates me and captures the stark beauty of this season. The colors are neutral. The image is simple. The light filters through the curtain just right. Fragile. Delicate. Beautiful.

In desert seasons all of life is reduced to bare minimum. All the external props are stripped away. And you are left with the essentials. God. Family. Daily bread.

I don't even know that I have any words for this space. But I've missed writing here. God is doing a deep work in us. And it's hard. Hidden. It's not glamorous. We are showing up everyday. We are leaning in and letting Him meet us, restore us. We are going slowly. Doing the necessary. And we are fighting to be satisfied in the being- not the doing or producing or performing.

These flowers had to be hung to dry, before their seeds could be useful in the planting season. Maybe that's why this picture came flooding back to my mind today.

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