Thursday, August 30, 2018

Slowing to See

I breeze by my son's classroom on the way back to my office- and am stopped in my tracks... fiery crimson petals act like a stoplight to my soul... I must pause and take it in. Appreciate the way the raindrops catch the morning light. The contrast of colors.

I've said it before, but living in Uganda is like living in technicolor. Everything is vibrant and intense- the colors, the scents, the cultural differences, the people (so very friendly, welcoming, and enthusiastic), even the weather (though pretty much perfect year round) is an intense contrast of just two seasons: rainy or dry. And I have a choice. I can allow the harsh contrasts to assault my vision- or I can stop and just appreciate it for what it is. No judgement.

This flower is audacious in it's beauty. And that's just what I love about it. I am not a fan of the color red- and I could have just kept walking... because its not my own personal concept of beautiful... but I slowed to see it for what it is. A canvas for the wild, audacious glory of God.

And I was challenged in that moment- how often do I rush by another person without slowing to see the fingerprints of God on their souls?? Do I just see the things that make them different from me? Do I simply dismiss them as "other"? Or do I see "child of God"... my sister or brother?

It just takes one moment of a day for your world to get rocked. One second to pause and really see.

I want to be a woman who truly sees. Someone who's gaze isn't always on my phone, who's agenda isn't the next item on my to do list, who's got enough margin in her day to stop and actually ask how you're doing, and listen for the answer- to really see you.

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